Adavance Banking V3 [QB]


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Development Banking [QB]

Development Banking [QB]


  • Highly optimized, dynamic, easy to read codebase;
  • Easy to use config with detailed documentation;
  • Easy installation;
  • Separate interfaces for Bank and ATM;
  • Two LORE themes for banks and ATMS (Fleeca and Maze Bank);
  • Only withdraw available via ATM and full operations and actions available via Bank only;
  • Shared accounts with permissions for each person;
  • Configurable maximum amount of shared account per person;
  • Society accounts with permissions for each person (replaces qb-management money handling);
  • Automatic society boss syncing adding and deletion on roles change;
  • Business accounts with permissions for each person;
  • Fully integrated billing with personal & society invoices;
  • Billing invoice lookup, citizen lookup, invoice canceling;
  • Full transactions history;
  • Exportable transactions;
  • Account Freezing, configurable who can do it;
  • Players Tracking, configurable dispatch notification where player just used bank or atm;
  • Provided exports to integrate banking anywhere;
  • Full support for both QBCore and QBox;
  • And much more…

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