Advanced Banking System [QB]

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Advanced Banking System [QB]

 Advanced Banking System [QB]


- Generally:
    BB-Banking script, is a unique script who puts all other Banking script to the side and bringing some new and fresh
    banking system to the roleplay scene. In this script you will have a lot of different features that you can read on
    them down below. In the script we have put a lot of thinking, and even brainstorming process with roleplay players
    that given us the ideas and the features to let the players discover the real roleplay that you can develop with BB-Banking.

- UI:
    Modern & Sleek UI, A UI that will make people on your server fall in love.

    Our script is fully customizable, means you can change every message on the script, UI colors and varibles such as the Logo,
    UI Messages & We are currently working on built in 10 languages to the script.

    The system has built in fees system which you can modify on the config, means for each withdraw x% will go to the bank.

    Our system is fully support offline actions such as transfers, credit-cards withdraws etc, means that you can still
    transfer to people who are offline! :wow:

    Designed to save your funds, if your credit card gets lost or stolen, the thief doesn't have access to your saving account!!
    don't forget to cancel this credit card tho ;)

    Advanced system which let the banking user to achieve all of his transactions that made on his account.

    Unique system whos standalone script, that give you the option to have a credit card on your inventory. this scripts let the
    banking user to enjoy a realistic Credit Card that can actually very support the roleplay feeling. You can set up up to 5 credit cards
    on your account (Number can be changed), each of them has its unique card number and pin that the user sets. In the feature, Job Cards will be implemented aswell!

    Our ATMs System lets the user login to any credit card you have on your inventory, even if its not yours! the catch is you have to know the pin.

    Based on real BTC Api, Updates in real time.
    Options to Buy & Sell In real time ingame.
    Changeable coin presentage on the config to make it fits your economy, 
    Option to see the last 30 days of the coin with your presentage applied to it.

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