Advanced Crutch System [ESX,QB]

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Advanced Crutch System [ESX]

Advanced Crutch System [ESX]


– Optimized 0.00 idle / 0.01 highest

– Configurable/optional jobs that can give crutch to patients

– Configurable/optional usable item to give crutches to patients

– Configurable max time with crutch

– Exports for opening crutch give menu(Great for implementing into job menus, etc)

– Exports for setting/removing crutch time

– Disables use of weapons while in crutch

– Disables fast sprinting while in crutch

– Will restore crutches if someone leaves and comes back

– Removes crutches if player dies

– Animations and props

– Supports ESX/QBCore out of box (or any custom framework you add to the bridge)

– Full documentation

– Frequent updates planned


  • es_extended (Any version should be fine)
  • ox_lib

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