advanced health system

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This script enhances gameplay realism by dynamically treating players according to the limb they were hit by. Upon impact, a HUD briefly displays on the left side of the screen, indicating the injury location. Different treatments and items are required based on the severity of the injury advanced health system

Introducing our immersive limb-specific treatment script, designed to enhance realism in your game! When players are hit, a HUD dynamically appears on the left side of the screen, pinpointing the exact limb affected. Whether it’s an arm, leg, or torso, our script ensures accurate treatment tailored to the injury location. This innovative feature not only adds depth to gameplay but also elevates immersion, allowing players to experience the consequences of their actions in real-time. Upgrade your game with our limb-specific treatment script and take realism to new heights!

  • —whether it’s minor, medium, or critical. Plus,
  • with customizable features via config,
  • such as fast healing,
  • bleeding activation,
  • damage multiplier,
  • and health regeneration,
  • you have full control over the gaming experience.
  • Activate or deactivate the skill bar for treatment,
  • and choose whether hits should be removed when players are revived.
  • Complete with animations and localizations,

our script elevates immersion and adds depth to your game.

Experience the next level of realism with our ambulance script today!

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