Bank Robbery V2 [ESX]

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Bank Robbery V2 [ESX]

Bank Robbery V2 [ESX]


  • Supports multiple banks, add/remove as you like. By default it comes preconfigured with 8 banks.
  • Configure blips, name and required cops for each bank.
  • Set required items & amount for interactions in every bank (thermite, hacking, lockpicking etc.).
  • Two keypads in each bank that needs to be hacked successfully. Requires mhacking & utku fingerprint (otherwise disable or use your own).
  • Disable power box and rob the bank “silently”, by gaining a free-rob-time before police is alerted. For every successful hacking afterwards, extra time is added to the pool. When timer runs out, police will be notified.
  • Nice and clean safecracking minigame in pacific’s upstairs office room. Set configurable lock combinations. Requires power box being disabled and the door to the office lockpicked. Gives an access card (which can be used to skip hacking minigames at the keypads for pacific). You can also add more items & cash reward for the cracked safe.
  • DLC drilling minigame /w instructional buttons. Option to set the drilling on pause and resume progress. Configure items/cash for each safe in each bank, so some banks could be more worth than others. Nice effects and sound.
  • Possibility to rob petty cash from clerk desks if all keypads are hacked and if the door to the clerk room is lockpicked.
  • Other bank’s will be in lockdown when there’s an ongoing heist.
  • Police can secure and re-open the bank after a robbery.
  • Police can check cameras for each bank with nice effects/animation
  • Fully optimized; 0.00-0.01 ms on idle 7 and 0.03 ms ish near drawtexts etc 11
  • Synced perfectly between all players and works flawlessly.


  • ESX Legacy
  • progressBars [optional]

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