Banking Time [ESX,QB]

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Banking Time [ESX,QB]

Banking Time [ESX,QB]


Framework Compatibility:

Customizable Door Locking: Define the doors you want to lock or unlock by specifying their coordinates, object name, and heading in the configuration file.
Time-Based Control: Doors automatically lock and unlock at specific times of the day, providing a dynamic and immersive experience.
Notification System: Utilizes a notification function to inform players when doors are locked or unlocked, enhancing the user experience.
Error Handling: In case of issues, the script prints error messages to the server console, helping administrators identify and address potential door-related bugs.

Configuration Settings:
Adjust the following parameters in the configuration file (Config.lua) to suit your server’s needs:

  • LockDoorsAtCoords: Define the doors with their coordinates, object name, and heading that you want to lock.
  • Radius: Set the radius for finding the closest object of the specified type.
  • WaitTillNext: Adjust the wait time between checks for time-based door locking/unlocking.
  • WhitelistedTime: Specify hours when doors should be unlocked.
  • BlacklistedTime: Specify hours when doors should be locked.


  1. Install the script on your FiveM server. (put in the server.cfg “start bs_banklock” and then refresh and start)
  2. Configure the doors and time settings in the Config.lua file.
  3. Ensure that players receive appropriate notifications when doors are locked or unlocked.
  4. Adjust the wait time based on the server’s performance and requirements.

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