Bike Hire [ESX,QB]

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Bike Hire [ESX,QB]

Bike Hire [ESX,QB]

Full Features

Hire a bike – If there is a bike available, you can easily hire it by walking up to the machine.
Return a bike anywhere – After hiring a bike from one dock, you can return it anywhere!
Cooldown – In the config, you can enable a cooldown – this is in minutes and requires the player to wait before hiring another bike.
Blips – Blips on the map will show the players how many bikes available at each docking station in real time (configurable).
Automatic Reset – On busy public servers, players may not be inclined to return the bike they hired. This can be enabled in the config and after a configurable amount of time, a hired bike will automatically be “reset” at the dock, allowing another player to hire it. This can be toggled on/off simply in the config.
Enhanced Realism – These are appearing all over the world and it is a great idea to bring it to your FiveM server. This will enhance realism for your players and also set you apart from other servers with unique resources such as this, bringing more enjoyment and fun to the game.
Framework Integration – You can easily integrate this into a resource such as vRP or ESX.
Highly Configurable – The resource is highly configurable, see the config section on what you can configure. You can even translate the resource to another language
Fully Synced – Our resource works on both OneSync, OneSync Infinity and Non-OneSync.
Custom Models – Our 3D Modelling team converted these models for this resource.
Permission Checks – You can easily add permission checks by editing the server sided file or add checks based on bank balance, requiring people to pay to hire a bike.

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