Boat School v2 [ESX,QB]

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Boat School v2 [ESX,QB]

Boat School v2 [ESX,QB]


  • Redesigned UI.
  • Dialog box when we boating.
  • Full configuration of questions, answers and photos in the file vms_boatschool/html/questions.js.
  • Full possibility to change the style and colors.
  • Full possibility of configuring your own route to travel.
  • The ability to change blips, markers, transition sound on/off/change, max errors, boat model and all translations.
  • ServerEvents possible to change in the file vms_boatschool/server/server_triggers.lua.
  • SQL file for esx_license include.
  • The default route consists of 49 checkpoints.


  • ESX
  • esx_license

Configurable files:

  • config.lua
  • server_triggers.lua
  • js/html/css
  • all locales

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