Books Menu [ESX,QB]

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Books Menu [ESX,QB]

Books Menu [ESX,QB]

What are the features?

  • Can be used on ESX / QBCORE server
  • 0.00 ms | Idle d2537145be8ee3a0305c4f40d7512b8d69362e5b.png
    0.00 ms | when open 6cc6918ac7f92bcef8a0f20449af5e0896806ca9.png
  • Work as items
  • You can add as many books / pages as you want
  • Your imagination is the limit, use your designer skills to create awesome pages and render them on books
  • Your players will enjoy this, create new roleplay opportunities!
  • Create Start server book… restaurant and bars menus, police books, Medic books, mechanic catalogs… create what your players deserve!
  • The books we are sharing on script are just examples of what you can create

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