Builder Job v2 [ESX,QB]

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Builder Job v2 [ESX,QB]

Builder Job v2 [ESX,QB]

Enhance your players’ gaming experience with the Builder Script, a next-level multiplayer script meticulously designed for engaging and immersive construction gameplay. Our state-of-the-art script features custom props, sophisticated systems, and so much more, ensuring that your players never experience a dull moment, even while earning in-game currency. Witness the transformative power of the Builder Script by joining our dedicated server below and trying it for yourself!


The Builder Script is engineered to revolutionize traditional job scripts, delivering a deeply immersive and realistic gaming experience that captivates and entertains. Bid farewell to tedious tasks and immerse your players in a rich world of intricate construction projects that are as visually impressive as they are satisfying. Players can choose to work independently or collaborate in a team, enjoying the flexibility to strategize and complete objectives at their own pace. The Builder Script offers a diverse array of activities to keep your players engaged, such as:

1. Installing sewer pipes
2. Pouring concrete over the sewer pipes
3. Erecting walls around the construction site
4. Welding various metals
5. Installing sinks, electrical switches, and more

Our comprehensive tutorial system ensures a seamless onboarding process for newcomers. An intuitive UI delivers step-by-step instructions, guiding players to master each activity with ease.


Builder proudly introduces its own exclusive brand named “Stone Sober”, seamlessly integrated within the GTA V universe. Every job showcases a distinctive custom vehicle emblazoned with the brand logo, further enriching the immersive experience. 


Builder features integrated modern notifications and is STANDALONE, ensuring compatibility with any framework. We also provide ready-made presets for popular frameworks such as ESX and QBCore, facilitating seamless integration.


Optimized for performance (0.00ms on idle) and easily translatable into your preferred language, Builder is compatible with any clothing system and offers a wealth of configuration options, including:

1. Integration with your own notification and payout systems
2. Connection to your own car systems (belts, fuel, etc.)
3. Choice between third-eye or markers & 3D Text
4. Customization of 3D markers, blips, job locations, and more

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