Bus Driver Job [ESX]

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Bus Driver Job [ESX]

 Bus Driver Job [ESX]


  • Compatible with ESX locale system for translations (included by default: EN, PL, DE)
  • Customization options in config file
  • Excellent performance: idle: 0.00ms, job set: 0.00ms, driving: ±0.02ms-0.06ms (check the video) – Tested while recording on Ryzen 5 2600X, 16GB RAM, GTX 1660
  • Passengers are taken from the NPC population around the bus stop for better immersion. There is a chance for additional passengers to be spawned around the bus stop as a fallback.
  • No external dependencies other than ESX
  • Uses the FiveM Asset Escrow system
  • 6 bus routes included by default and a busstops.ymap file with bus stops placed around Los Santos
  • Basic cheater prevention measures included

Configuration Options

  • Locale
  • Bus model
  • Speed limit and damage checking can be disabled/enabled
  • Marker locations and colours
  • Job name to be used with the resource
  • Reward multipliers
  • Ticket prices (prices corelate to driver payout)
  • Ticket colors
  • Customizable speed limit for the bus (MPH or KM/H as a toggle)
  • Bus routes
  • Changeable functions to open notifications, give payout or progress bars (No progress bar is included by default, therefore there is no external dependencies, you can use your own resources like pNotify)

Video Preview

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