Car thief [ESX]

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Car thief [ESX]

Car thief [ESX]


  • Totally optimized script,
  • Easy to set up,
  • Open code (1000+ lines of code),
  • Advanced Car disassembly,
  • Easy to add new Cars to Orders,
  • The job is based on the interaction with NPC,
  • No IP-Lock,


  • RequiredCops – Required number of cops to start an Order from Dealer,
  • CopsRefreshTime – Time in which the number of cops is refreshed,
  • CarsToSteal – Possible to add a new Car along with adding Tires, Car Body, Engine coordinates and Salary to it,
  • Locations – All coordinates can be changed,
  • Texts – Possible to add/edit random Text,
  • Peds – Possible to customize the NPC,

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