Cash Register [ESX]

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Cash Register [ESX]

Cash Register [ESX]

Cash Register ESX FrameWork

Configuration Highlights:

  • Flexible Commission Splits: Tailor commission rates between society funds and employee earnings, with default settings and customizable options for specific jobs, ensuring fair distribution of transaction proceeds.
  • Receipt System: Enable a realistic transaction record system, where employees can collect receipts post-transaction, fostering an incentive for sales.
  • Receipt Redemption: Designate locations for employees to redeem their collected receipts, adding an extra layer of interaction and reward for active participation.
  • Efficient Processing: Set the processing time for selling receipts, optimizing the balance between gameplay realism and player convenience.
  • Command Customization: Choose whether players can access the cash register via a command, offering flexibility in how transactions are initiated.
  • Proximity Check: Configure the distance for detecting nearby players eligible for transactions, enhancing the realism of physical interactions.
  • Transaction Logging: Opt for transaction records to be logged, providing server admins with valuable data for monitoring and management.
  • Customizable Alerts: Personalize notification messages for various transaction scenarios, ensuring clear communication between parties involved in a transaction.

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