Chat System V3 [QB]

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Chat System V3 [QB]

Chat System V3 [QB]

Chat System V3 QB FrameWork

3 Different Chat Type

 Music Player 

It saves the chat type and position you choose. Even if you leave the server, when you log in again, it continues as you set.

Modern UI with emoji support and ability to mute the chat 

Lots of commands filled with lots of details for a better roleplay experience such as: 

When someone wears a mask, ‘me’ ‘do’  command user is shown as anonymous 

Command for showing your identity for another player 

Whisper command that helps you aviod anyone from hearing what you said 

Job commands such as police, ems, groove that helps people within that job to communicate 

Lots options to configure such as: 

Disabling emoji menu 

Changing colors of the message type background 

Changing chat key 

Changing default suggestions

Video Preview

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