Coke Job [QB]

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Coke Job [QB]

Coke Job [QB]

This completely configurable script consist of:
● Full development support and custom script adjustment request support.
● Ownable coke lab and business.
● Every door is a unique laboratory that can be owned by only the first buyer.
● Police raidable coke lab and business.
● Very advanced coke plane drug runs (full coke plane run job).
● Upgradable coke planes with progression (3 planes pre configured).
● Upgradable product creation employees with progression (3 upgrades pre configured).
● Upgradable member slots.
● Multiple members can run the business together.
● Custom Laboratory passwords.
● Advanced checks for every feature.
● Passive income/drug production.
● Option to do multiple drug runs at a time.
● Advanced animations and network syncing.
● 30 preconfigured lab location doors already placed around the map and very easily changeable.
● Database table storing and keeping track of important data and information.
● Very extensive config.lua with options to customize everything.
● Custom configurable lang system to support multiple languages.
● Support for other core names, other target systems and any resource name changes.
● Runs at 0.0 ms resmon

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