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The VehicleShop System V12 for FiveM is a comprehensive car dealership script that enhances your virtual dealership experience. Here’s a detailed description  dealership fivem mlo


  1. 6 Car Display: Display up to 6 vehicles simultaneously from different categories, including Sedan, Compact, Muscle, Sports/Sports Classic, Off Road/Trucks/Vans, and Motorcycles/Bikes.
  2. No Vehicle Database Required: Easily make changes directly to the Config (shared.lua) file. Simply add the vehicle, label, and price to the Config, and your car will be categorized accordingly.
  3. Client Side Displays: Vehicles are displayed client-side to prevent interference and allow multiple users to view cars simultaneously.
  4. Flip Through Cars: Navigate through displayed vehicles with Next/Previous buttons to change the Display Model of a specific category.
  5. View/Purchase: Click on a vehicle to view its name and price. Choose to exit or confirm the purchase.
  6. Talk to Simeon: Speak with Simeon (Alt-Menu) to view ALL cars in a category. Scroll through a list of every car with names and prices displayed. Clicking on a car swaps the display model.
  7. Test Drive: Test drive any car for a default duration of 30 seconds (adjustable in client.lua). After the test drive, you’ll be teleported back to the dealership and the car will be removed.
  8. Ownership and Plates: Purchase requires having sufficient money on hand. Once purchased, the vehicle is added to your owned_vehicles table. Plates are generated as 4 letters followed by 4 numbers.

Compatibility and Support:

  • This script is designed for use with FiveM.
  • It comes with free online support and free future updates.
  • The installation process is streamlined for easy setup.

Overall, the VehicleShop System V12 enhances your virtual dealership with advanced features, providing a seamless and immersive experience for both sellers and buyers

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Fivem Mlo


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