Drugs Creator [ESX,QB]

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Drugs Creator [ESX,QB]

Drugs Creator [ESX,QB]

Drugs Creator ESX/QB FrameWork

Why Choose Drugs Creator?

  • Quick SetupDrag and drop installation process, no hassle
  • All-in-One Drug Mechanics: No need for multiple scripts; do it all with Drugs Creator
  • Versatile: Supports ESX TextUIOX Target, and QB Target
  • Harvest, craft, use, sell drugs: All with 1 script!
  • Multi-Lingual Support: Easily translatable into a variety of languages

Supported Languages

Make your server accessible worldwide. Adding new languages is a breeze.

See All Supported Languages

  • 🇬🇧 English
  • 🇮🇹 Italian
  • 🇩🇪 German
  • 🇮🇷 Persian
  • 🇳🇱 Dutch
  • 🇫🇷 French
  • 🇪🇸 Spanish
  • 🇵🇹 Portuguese
  • 🇨🇿 Czech
  • 🇨🇳 Chinese

🍃 Premade drugs

Create, craft, and sell drugs with unparalleled ease. Say goodbye to bugs and hello to immersive gameplay.

More on Drug Mechanics

  • Harvestable Points: Numerous locations for gathering default drug ingredients
  • Premade Drugs: Cannabis, Alternative Cannabis, Opium, Cocaine, Lean, Meth, Ecstasy, LSD
  • Crafting Labs: Two default labs for streamlined drug production

📍 Harvestable Points / Ingredients

Maximize gameplay depth with customizable harvesting mechanics. Set up unique harvestable points and tailor them to fit your server’s narrative.

More on Harvestable Points / Ingredients

  • Unlimited Harvesting Points: Add as many as you want, no restrictions
  • Item Versatility: Any item can be part of a recipe
  • Custom Map Blips: Unique identifiers for each harvestable point
  • Harvest Quantity Control: Set minimum and maximum amounts for each harvestable point
  • Adjustable Harvest Time: Each point can have its own harvest time


🌱 Drugs Fields

Spawn and manage dynamic drug fields for immersive experiences. Real-time synchronization ensures every player sees the same field state.

More on Drugs Fields

  • Unlimited Drugs Fields: Create as many as you want
  • Object Model Flexibility: Use any model object (e.g., plants, flowers)
  • Spawn Quantity Control: Define maximum number of objects that can spawn per field
  • Custom Map Blips: Unique map markers for drug fields
  • Item Rarity: Control rarity by setting different chances for items in a field
  • Player Sync: Objects are synchronized, so when one player harvests, others see the change
  • Item Quantity Control: Set minimum and maximum quantities for each item


🛠️ Crafting Recipes

Empower players with intricate crafting recipes. Enable both normal and perfect crafting rewards for added gameplay layers.

More on Crafting Recipes

  • Unlimited Crafting Recipes: Create as many as you need
  • Item Versatility: Use any item, including pre-existing server items
  • Dual Reward System: Normal and perfect crafting rewards
  • Multi-Item Rewards: Both reward types can contain multiple items and quantities
  • Recipe Customization: Add as many ingredients as you want, set their min, max, and perfect quantities
  • Tool Retention: Choose ingredients that won’t be consumed in the crafting process
  • Custom Crafting Time: Each recipe can have its own crafting time

🧪 Laboratories

Transform your server with customizable crafting laboratories. Adapt labs for specialized crafting or enact dramatic consequences for crafting errors.

More on Laboratories

  • Unlimited Laboratories: Add as many as you want
  • Recipe Specialization: Each lab can have its own set of recipes
  • Custom Map Blips: Unique map markers for each lab
  • Recipe Reusability: Integrate crafting recipes easily
  • Consequence Mechanisms: Fires and explosions can occur for wrong recipes (optional)
  • Police Alert: Wrong recipes can alert the police (optional)
  • Security: Recipes are protected from cache decrypters
  • Job Restrictions: Limit lab access to specific jobs

🚀 Pocket Craftings

Enable on-the-go crafting for players. Perfect for quick items like joints.

🛒 Selling

Dynamic drug selling mechanics that keep players engaged. Flexibility to sell in various ways and situations.

More on Selling

  • Multi-Method Sales: Sell on planes, boats, or to NPCs
  • Dynamic Locations: Sell while driving on the Pacific Ocean (configurable)
  • Police Notifications: Cops get alerted when drugs are being sold (configurable)
  • Bulk Sales: Sell in large quantities to narcos
  • Dealer Interactions: Sell to drug dealers
  • Police Requirement: Set minimum police presence for selling
  • Price Reduction: Incentivize sales when more cops are online


✈️ Plane Sell

Sophisticated aerial drug selling features for added gameplay depth.

More on Plane Sell

  • Enable/Disable: Control plane selling via menu
  • Police Requirement: Set minimum police presence for aerial sales
  • Altitude Control: Set minimum height for selling
  • Time Control: Set duration required for a sale
  • Police Alerts: Option to alert police (configurable)
  • Location Options: Use whole ocean or specific coordinates for selling
  • Payment Methods: Choose where money gets deposited
  • Product Control: Specify which drugs can be sold via plane

⛵ Boat Sell

Navigate the high seas of profitability with boat selling options.

More on Boat Sell

  • Enable/Disable: Toggle boat selling in menu
  • Police Requirement: Set minimum police for boat sales
  • Time Control: Set duration for sales
  • Police Alerts: Optional police notifications
  • Location Options: Use whole ocean or specific radius
  • Payment Methods: Choose payment type
  • Product Control: Select drugs for boat selling

🚶‍♂️ NPC Sell

Engage with NPC for diverse selling scenarios. Risk and reward at every corner.

More on NPC Sell

  • Enable/Disable: Toggle NPC selling in menu
  • Police Requirement: Minimum police needed
  • Time Control: Set sale duration
  • Quantity Control: Set min/max drugs an NPC can buy
  • Payment Methods: Choose where money goes
  • NPC Behavior: Set probabilities for NPC reactions, including refusals and attacks
  • Police Alert Chances: Control how likely police get alerted
  • Special Cases: NPCs might steal, carry knives, or belong to gangs
  • Sales Limits: Set maximum sales per server/script restart
  • Command Option: Command available for NPC-less servers

🤵‍♂️ Narcos Selling

Elevate your selling game with specialized Narcos buyers.

More on Narcos Selling

  • Enable/Disable: Toggle narcos in menu
  • Police Requirement: Set minimum police presence
  • Character Models: Customize narcos appearance
  • Custom Map Blip: Unique blip for narcos
  • Location Flexibility: Add infinite narcos locations
  • Dynamic Behavior: Narcos change locations and demands
  • Police Alert Probability: Set chances for police to be notified
  • High-Reward System: Configure selling limits for exclusive high rewards
  • Payment Methods: Choose where money is received

👥 Pushers (Drug Dealers)

Time-sensitive and location-based drug dealers to enhance player engagement.

More on Pushers

  • Enable/Disable: Toggle pushers in menu
  • Police Requirement: Minimum police needed for sales
  • Character Models: Customize pusher appearance
  • Custom Map Blip: Unique blip for each pusher
  • Infinite Pushers: Add as many pushers as you want
  • Time-Limited Availability: Pushers appear during specific real-life hours
  • Product List: Control drug types each pusher will buy
  • Quantity Control: Limit how much of each drug can be sold
  • Police Alert Chances: Control likelihood of alerting police

🌀 Drugs Effects

Immerse players with diverse drug consumption options and impactful effects.

More on Drugs Effects

  • Multiple Ways to Consume: Smoking, pills, drinks, or needles
  • Versatile Effects: Attach many effects to any drug
  • Old Drugs Support: Apply effects to pre-existing drugs

🌈 Effects

From visual tweaks to character buffs, choose from a range of compelling effects.

More on Effects

  • Visuals: Altered colors, shaking effects
  • Mobility: Drunk walk, faster sprint, enhanced swim
  • Health & Armor: Heal options, armor boosts
  • Stamina: Infinite stamina during active effects
  • Fall Damage: Easy fall
  • Old Effects Removal: Remove pre-existing effects


Drugs Creator [ESX,QB]

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