Drugs System V6 [QB]

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Drugs System V6 [QB]

Drugs System V6 [QB]


================= WEED =================

  • Add as many different weed seeds as you wish, including how long they take to grow!
  • Place and grow weed anywhere, no more restricted just to be inside!

================= COKE =================

  • Add several locations where you want the coke plants to grow
  • Change the amount of items/rewards you get for different tasks
  • Easily modifiable locations for processing!
  • Easy adding more, less or different ingredients for coke processing!

================= Meth =================

  • Add Several locations where to find Lithium Rocks and Extract them!
  • Easy adding more, less or different ingredients for meth processing!
  • Easily modifiable locations for processing, cooking and meth cracking!
  • Gather Cement from cement bags
  • Gather other items from other locations and objects!

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