Eclipse phone [ESX]

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Eclipse phone [ESX]

Eclipse phone [ESX]

Eclipse Phone v2
Based on Apple Iphone and Samsung Galaxy.
Everything is animated and responsive.
Source code is present.


  • Mumble voice call
  • Send Messages
  • Police App (support esx_policejob)
  • Ambulance App
  • Taxi App
  • Weazel News App
  • Weather App
  • Radio App
  • Youtube App
  • Selfie camera
  • Bleeter
  • Dark chat
  • Yellow pages

New features 07.11.21:

  • Improved performance and optimization
  • Redesign Taxi app
  • New Mechanic app
  • New Fleeca bank app
  • Added phone selection in settings (You can add your own, knowing only css and html)
  • Available IPhone 12, IPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.
  • Added ability to change profile picture
  • When using Samsung, the design changes to Android: icons, app sizes, bottom menus.

New Taxi app:

  • The user can call a cab to his position, and a destination call is also available.
  • A list of all calls is available to the cab driver.
  • Cab drivers can take and cancel calls.
  • Cab drivers see customer data, their location, their desired route, the distance of the route, the distance to the customer.
  • Also shows the area of the city where the customer is and the area of the destination.

New Mechanic app:

  • Players can call a mechanic to their position and add a message.
  • A call list is available to mechanics.
  • Mechanics can accept and cancel calls.
  • Mechanics see the client’s position, the distance to them, their message.

New Fleeca bank app:

  • The ability to see the balance of the phone.
  • The ability to transfer money to another person by phone number.

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