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The ESX NFS Vehicle Shop is a feature-rich, customizable vehicle purchasing system designed for FiveM role-playing servers. With a unique UI and custom features, it offers players the ability to browse and purchase vehicles seamlessly. From cars to boats and planes, players can explore various categories and even customize vehicle colors before making a purchase

The ESX NFS Vehicle Shop is a comprehensive and highly optimized vehicle purchasing system designed specifically for FiveM role-playing servers. With its unique user interface and custom features, this shop provides players with an immersive and streamlined experience for acquiring vehicles of all types.

Featuring separate sections for cars, boats, and planes, the shop allows players to explore a wide range of vehicles tailored to their preferences. One of its standout features is the ability to create and customize vehicle categories, giving server owners the flexibility to curate their vehicle selection according to their server’s theme or gameplay style.

Players are given the opportunity to thoroughly test their prospective purchases before committing. This includes the ability to take test drives, inspect vehicles from all angles, and even choose custom colors for their vehicles. By offering these options, the ESX NFS Vehicle Shop ensures that players can make informed decisions and find the perfect vehicle to suit their needs.


– Unique UI, custom features and highly optimized.
– Reproducible and customizable.
– Car shop.
– Boat shop.
– Plane shop.
– You can create as many vehicle categories as you want.
– You can set vehicle shop for jobs.
– Before buying the vehicle, the player will be allowed to take a test ride.
– Before buying the vehicle, the player will be allowed to inspect car from all sides.
– Before buying the car, the player will be able to choose the color of the car. (You can change all colors or put more)
– Vehicle shop show vehicle status, engine power, max speed and etc.
– No parking feature overlap issues.
– Customizable config (test drive, camera pain, make it a profession etc).
– More information you can see in video.
– (ESX, QBCORE) version.

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