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Fivem [ESX,QB]Drugs Creator  Esx Drugs Scripts & Maps Sale; Fivem Drug System V2 (opium, Weed, Coke, Meth) (esx, Qbus) [esx][qb Core] Advanced Drugs Creator 4

                         Why Choose Drugs Creator?

  • Quick SetupDrag and drop installation process, no hassle
  • All-in-One Drug Mechanics: No need for multiple scripts; do it all with Drugs Creator
  • Versatile: Supports ESX TextUIOX Target, and QB Target
  • Harvest, craft, use, sell drugs: All with 1 script!
  • Multi-Lingual Support: Easily translatable into a variety of languages

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 Supported Languages

Make your server accessible worldwide. Adding new languages is a breeze.

See All Supported Languages

  •  English
  •  Italian
  • German
    •  Persian
    • Dutch
    •  French
    • Spanish
    •  Portuguese
    • Czech
    • Chinese

     Premade drugs

    Create, craft, and sell drugs with unparalleled ease. Say goodbye to bugs and hello to immersive gameplay.

    More on Drug Mechanics

    • Harvestable Points: Numerous locations for gathering default drug ingredients
    • Premade Drugs: Cannabis, Alternative Cannabis, Opium, Cocaine, Lean, Meth, Ecstasy, LSD
    • Crafting Labs: Two default labs for streamlined drug production

     Harvestable Points / Ingredients

    Maximize gameplay depth with customizable harvesting mechanics. Set up unique harvestable points and tailor them to fit your server’s narrative.

    More on Harvestable Points / Ingredients

    • Unlimited Harvesting Points: Add as many as you want, no restrictions
    • Item Versatility: Any item can be part of a recipe
    • Custom Map Blips: Unique identifiers for each harvestable point
    • Harvest Quantity Control: Set minimum and maximum amounts for each harvestable point
    • Adjustable Harvest Time: Each point can have its own harvest time


     Drugs Fields

    Spawn and manage dynamic drug fields for immersive experiences. Real-time synchronization ensures every player sees the same field state.

    More on Drugs Fields

    • Unlimited Drugs Fields: Create as many as you want
    • Object Model Flexibility: Use any model object (e.g., plants, flowers)
    • Spawn Quantity Control: Define maximum number of objects that can spawn per field
    • Custom Map Blips: Unique map markers for drug fields
    • Item Rarity: Control rarity by setting different chances for items in a field
    • Player Sync: Objects are synchronized, so when one player harvests, others see the change
    • Item Quantity Control: Set minimum and maximum quantities for each item


     Crafting Recipes

    Empower players with intricate crafting recipes. Enable both normal and perfect crafting rewards for added gameplay layers.

    More on Crafting Recipes

    • Unlimited Crafting Recipes: Create as many as you need
    • Item Versatility: Use any item, including pre-existing server items
    • Dual Reward System: Normal and perfect crafting rewards
    • Multi-Item Rewards: Both reward types can contain multiple items and quantities
    • Recipe Customization: Add as many ingredients as you want, set their min, max, and perfect quantities
    • Tool Retention: Choose ingredients that won’t be consumed in the crafting process
    • Custom Crafting Time: Each recipe can have its own crafting time


    Transform your server with customizable crafting laboratories. Adapt labs for specialized crafting or enact dramatic consequences for crafting errors.

    More on Laboratories

    • Unlimited Laboratories: Add as many as you want
    • Recipe Specialization: Each lab can have its own set of recipes
    • Custom Map Blips: Unique map markers for each lab
    • Recipe Reusability: Integrate crafting recipes easily
    • Consequence Mechanisms: Fires and explosions can occur for wrong recipes (optional)
    • Police Alert: Wrong recipes can alert the police (optional)
    • Security: Recipes are protected from cache decrypters
    • Job Restrictions: Limit lab access to specific jobs

     Pocket Craftings

    Enable on-the-go crafting for players. Perfect for quick items like joints.


    Dynamic drug selling mechanics that keep players engaged. Flexibility to sell in various ways and situations.

    More on Selling

    • Multi-Method Sales: Sell on planes, boats, or to NPCs
    • Dynamic Locations: Sell while driving on the Pacific Ocean (configurable)
    • Police Notifications: Cops get alerted when drugs are being sold (configurable)
    • Bulk Sales: Sell in large quantities to narcos
    • Dealer Interactions: Sell to drug dealers
    • Police Requirement: Set minimum police presence for selling
    • Price Reduction: Incentivize sales when more cops are online


     Plane Sell

    Sophisticated aerial drug selling features for added gameplay depth.

    More on Plane Sell

    • Enable/Disable: Control plane selling via menu
    • Police Requirement: Set minimum police presence for aerial sales
    • Altitude Control: Set minimum height for selling
    • Time Control: Set duration required for a sale
    • Police Alerts: Option to alert police (configurable)
    • Location Options: Use whole ocean or specific coordinates for selling
    • Payment Methods: Choose where money gets deposited
    • Product Control: Specify which drugs can be sold via plane

     Boat Sell

    Navigate the high seas of profitability with boat selling options.

    More on Boat Sell

    • Enable/Disable: Toggle boat selling in menu
    • Police Requirement: Set minimum police for boat sales
    • Time Control: Set duration for sales
    • Police Alerts: Optional police notifications
    • Location Options: Use whole ocean or specific radius
    • Payment Methods: Choose payment type
    • Product Control: Select drugs for boat selling

     NPC Sell

    Engage with NPC for diverse selling scenarios. Risk and reward at every corner.

    More on NPC Sell

    • Enable/Disable: Toggle NPC selling in menu
    • Police Requirement: Minimum police needed
    • Time Control: Set sale duration
    • Quantity Control: Set min/max drugs an NPC can buy
    • Payment Methods: Choose where money goes
    • NPC Behavior: Set probabilities for NPC reactions, including refusals and attacks
    • Police Alert Chances: Control how likely police get alerted
    • Special Cases: NPCs might steal, carry knives, or belong to gangs
    • Sales Limits: Set maximum sales per server/script restart
    • Command Option: Command available for NPC-less servers

     Narcos Selling

    Elevate your selling game with specialized Narcos buyers.

    More on Narcos Selling

    • Enable/Disable: Toggle narcos in menu
    • Police Requirement: Set minimum police presence
    • Character Models: Customize narcos appearance
    • Custom Map Blip: Unique blip for narcos
    • Location Flexibility: Add infinite narcos locations
    • Dynamic Behavior: Narcos change locations and demands
    • Police Alert Probability: Set chances for police to be notified
    • High-Reward System: Configure selling limits for exclusive high rewards
    • Payment Methods: Choose where money is received

     Pushers (Drug Dealers)

    Time-sensitive and location-based drug dealers to enhance player engagement.

    More on Pushers

    • Enable/Disable: Toggle pushers in menu
    • Police Requirement: Minimum police needed for sales
    • Character Models: Customize pusher appearance
    • Custom Map Blip: Unique blip for each pusher
    • Infinite Pushers: Add as many pushers as you want
    • Time-Limited Availability: Pushers appear during specific real-life hours
    • Product List: Control drug types each pusher will buy
    • Quantity Control: Limit how much of each drug can be sold
    • Police Alert Chances: Control likelihood of alerting police

     Drugs Effects

    Immerse players with diverse drug consumption options and impactful effects.

    More on Drugs Effects

    • Multiple Ways to Consume: Smoking, pills, drinks, or needles
    • Versatile Effects: Attach many effects to any drug
    • Old Drugs Support: Apply effects to pre-existing drugs


    From visual tweaks to character buffs, choose from a range of compelling effects.

    More on Effects

    • Visuals: Altered colors, shaking effects
    • Mobility: Drunk walk, faster sprint, enhanced swim
    • Health & Armor: Heal options, armor boosts
    • Stamina: Infinite stamina during active effects
    • Fall Damage: Easy fall
    • Old Effects Removal: Remove pre-existing effects

     Discord Logs

    Streamline admin work with detailed Discord logging options.

    More on Discord Logs

    • Enable/Disable: Toggle Discord logs in settings
    • Channel Flexibility: Different channels for each action

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