Evidence System V3 [QB]

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Evidence System V3 [QB]

Evidence System V3 [QB]

Evidence System V3 QB FrameWork


  • DLSR-style camera, usable both on foot and in vehicles, for crime scene documentation and surveillance with discord webhook integration to automatically upload photos to both PD-specific evidence, and general non-PD photo channels.
  • Blood, fingerprint, bullet casing, and vehicle fragment evidence pickups.
  • Bullet impact evidence, with angle-of-impact evidence for non-ped impacts, and attachment to the damaged entity bone on ped impacts.
  • Copy/paste functionality for evidence bags, and the ability for police to notate them.
  • Lock tampering evidence that can be set up to indicate attempted or successful/attempted lockpicking or hacking
  • Vehicle evidence, including blood, casings, and fingerprints that are automatically saved to the vehicle database
  • Frisk and other police actions usable via qb-target
  • Routing bucket support for evidence, disconnect persistence, and configurable evidence duration


  • Framework: QB-Core or ESX (requires ox_inventory) by default. Config functions allows integration for any framework that supports a unique character identifier
  • Inventory: qb-inventory or ox_inventory by default. Config functions allow integration for similar inventory systems that support item metadata
  • Context/Input Menu: qb-menu/input, ox_lib
  • Targeting Resource: qb-target, ox_target
  • Screenshot: secreenshot-basic
  • Database: oxmysql

Known Bugs:

  • Bullet impact evidence only attaches to entities when they are not dead or fully destroyed, the existing natives used by this script are unable to accurately attach evidence to entities which are not able to take damage. If a fix is found, it will be implemented.


  • Idle performance should now hovers around 0.01 – 0.02 ms.
  • Average performance on typical crime scene with lots of evidence hoves around 0.30 to 0.40 ms.
  • Extreme performance on the most evidence dense crime scenes tends to peak about 1.0 ms.


This script is not drag and drop. It is recommended that you have some experience with lua scripting, or consult a dev who does, before purchase and installation. You will need to make edits to key resources, and your database, to install this script.

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