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If you’re looking for scripts related to the FiveM iPhone Scripts in the context of FiveM, I recommend checking the official FiveM forums, community websites, or repositories where FiveM scripts are shared.

This phone script provides a more simplistic phone interface, allowing players to make calls, send messages, and access a map. It also includes a feature to view the player’s location on the map.


  • Hot: Group Call, Mute and Speaker feature for phone call, Dynamic Island feature, Info App (iFrame),, Business, Car Seller.
  • Social Media Apps; Tinder, Instagram (have video record and comments in posts), Twitter, Yellow Pages, YouTube, 9 Gags.
  • Messaging Apps: iMessage (including group chat and voicemail), Dark Chat, Mail.
  • Jobs Apps: Taxi, Gotur, Moov (Rent a car) and eBay.
  • Main Apps: Bank, News, GPS, Stock Market, Valet, Gallery (Take photo and record video), Billing, Job Notify (notice on pd and ems), Calculator, Music, Notes, House App (Only works with loaf_house).
  • Entertainment Apps: Race, Zedge (Custom ringtones and wallpapers), Games (Snake, BlackJack, 2048, Tetris).
  • GKSPhone have iOS Control Center: Turn on/off weather forecast, AirDrop (phone number sharing), Brightness and Sound Level. Facetime (with webrtc), Flashlight, Flight Mod and Streamer Mod.
  • Props: Fast and Normal Charging Kiosk. 3 different phone probes custom made by Patoche. (iPhone 12 Pro Black, Gold and Pink)

Voice Supports: PmaVoice, MumbleVoip, SaltyChat (works stably in version 2.6) and TokoVoip
*Group call, mute and speaker feature only works pma-voice and mumblevoip. 

Preview video of FiveM iPhone Scripts

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