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If you’re on the hunt for a police radar equipped with a plate reader for your FiveM server, your best bet is to scour the FiveM community websites or modding platforms. These are treasure troves where developers share their scripts and mods. Keep an eye out for resources specifically tailored to police or law enforcement mods, as they often feature radar systems and plate readers among their offerings. Happy hunting!


  • Realistic user interface
  • Realistic sounds from the Stalker DSR 2X
  • Completely custom system for detecting vehicles (max range of 350m)
  • Detected vehicle filtering (strong and fast targets)
  • Automatic locking of speeds above a set fast limit (when enabled in the operator menu, and in the config file by the server admin)
  • FiveM keybinds which every client can set to what they want in their GTA key bindings menu
  • Keylock function to prevent any of the radar’s keys from working
  • Complete UI control, you can move the radar, remote, and plate reader anywhere on the screen. You can also change the scale of them!
  • The system will remember where the UI elements were left as well as the scale of each
  • An ingame help manual designed to be a realistic replica of the handbook for the Stalker DSR 2X, the manual includes detailed information about the radar’s operation
  • Operator menu to configure different options of the radar such as but not limited to the range, audio volume, and speed type
  • Operator menu options are saved and loaded like with the UI
  • Plate reader with GTA plate images, with external scanner access for developers
  • Passenger view and control
  • Radar functions sync between clients

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