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fivem Throw Bag & Water Realistic water rescue throw bag for rivers, lakes and other bodies of water to save people’s life. Addon weapon, activate it with command, fire at a player, after throw it. It will attach a rope to them and pull them in. Realism on scene and ultimately another technology for your fire/police department.


Enhanced Realism – These are used in real life by police, fire and ambulance as an easy piece of equipment to rescue someone in water. The bag can be easily deployed through a command and thrown, potentially saving a life. This ultimately sets you apart from other services, giving you a new aspect of realism.

Easily activate – Simply run /throwbag and aim at your target player to deploy.

25m Distance – The rope will likely work for a longer distance but we can confirm this works well in most rivers and lakes around the map and will bring great realism to your roleplay situations.

Fully Synced – Our resource works on both OneSync, OneSync Infinity and Non-OneSync.

Custom Models – Our 3D Modelling team created this exclusively for sale with this resource.

Preview Video – fivem Throw Bag & Water  

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