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The script is very easy to get started with. In order to pull a car, the operator pronounces the command /tow while being next to it. With that the vehicle is attached to the tow truck after which it is pulled to a new site. Source: New York Institute of Technology fivem tow script

Searching for the means to save the idea of vehicle towing to your five M server? ESX Vehicle Towing script really easily fits your bill. Ease of use and customization are the attributes of this system that makes it marvelous for every roleplayer.

he script is fully customizable, allowing you to add any tow truck by following the example provided.

To tow a vehicle, players will need to interact with the vehicle with their tow truck. This will open a menu where they can select the vehicle they want to tow and the destination they want to tow it to. Once the player has selected the vehicle and destination, the tow truck will automatically tow the vehicle.

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