Flashbangs [QB]

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Flashbangs [QB]

 Flashbangs [QB]


  1. Download the resource. (NOT THE SOURCE CODE).
  2. Place the resource inside of your resources folder.
  3. Add the resource name to your server.cfg (start resourcename)

Using the flashbang

  1. Spawn into the server.
  2. Give yourself the weapon named (WEAPON_FLASHBANG)
  3. Throw it

Known Bugs

  1. Weapon is named Tear Gas (I don’t know metas well enough to fix it)
  2. Weapon has smoke on it when thrown (It is another part that I have no idea how to fix)
  3. Weapon has a timer to hold it (No idea how to fix that either)
  4. When restarting the resource it may throw an error trying to give yourself WEAPON_FLASHBANG. I think it is caused by the metas being reloaded. There really should be no reason to restart the resource.

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