Flying Sleigh with U [ESX,QB]

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Flying Sleigh with U [ESX,QB]

Flying Sleigh with U [ESX,QB]


You can fly around in the sleigh vehicle and drop presents around the map

Synced with everyone and works with One Sync

When you drop a gift, everyone will get a blip on their map showing where it is

Also red smoke will be attached to the gifts as they drop from the sky

The player in the sleigh will be shown on the map after dropping a gift

Fully customizable loot tables for weapons, items and money

Indepth chance system for which rewards you get when opening a gift (can be turned off, image of config below)

Optimized running at 0.00ms idle, near a present it runs at 0.05ms

The Sleigh vehicle and Gift models are protected by Escrow, the code is fully open to edit


qb or esx for items/money/weapon give functions

  • 100% Open Source

Video Preview

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