Ghostbusters Game [ESX,QB]

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Ghostbusters Game [ESX,QB]

Ghostbusters Game [ESX,QB]


Resource is highly configurable and has next features:

  • Ghost Character. By playing as Ghost you receive special abilities such as superjump and fastrun. However, not all of them available all the time and for that you need to collect boosters in game area.
  • Gun. When you shoot the ghost, you start pulling it toward you.
  • Uniform. Players spawned in uniform with cool Backpack.
  • Car. Car is randomly spawned in game area, which will help to catch ghost.
  • Countdown. When the countdown is over and ghost is alive – he receive all reward.
  • Balanced. Damage and Ghost Abilities are dynamicaly balanced based on players in game.
  • UI/UX optimized. Notifications, blips, sounds, videos and many others things are used to give a player maximum experience.
  • Optimized. CPU and Network Optimized. If you are not in the game, the script takes less than 0.01 ms and a few requests sended over the network.
  • Plug-and-play. Standalone, ESX, QBus versions.

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