Helicopter Camera [ESX,QB]

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Helicopter Camera [ESX,QB]

Helicopter Camera [ESX,QB]

  • Add heli entry to your citmp-server.yml AutoStartResources
  • Press the the E key to switch to the HeliCam
  • Whilst in Helicam:
  • Move mouse to rotate cam
  • Scroll to zoom
  • RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to switch between normal, nightvision and thermal vision
  • Whilst in Helicam: when hovering over a vehicle and close enough to it, you can see vehicle info. If you can see this, press SPACE to lock camera onto the vehicle. SPACE again to unlock camera.
  • Press the X key to rappel from the helicopter
  • Press the G key as helicopter pilot to switch on the spotlight (this is synced across the network to all players)

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