Interaction System [ESX,QB]

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Interaction System [ESX,QB]

Interaction System [ESX,QB]

This is new interaction system that allows you to make any world object, ped, vehicle or even specific coordinate to be interactable by using your crosshair.

On top of that interactions with other players will be much smoother and gameplay will look pleasing to your eyes. You can also use it as personal, job, animation or any other menu.

Wide customization options will allow you to set up the system for your own purpose and implement it to your existing server scripts.

You can set up interactions for:

  • Other players;
  • World entities;
  • Specific kind or model of peds;
  • Each class or model of vehicles;
  • Even create markers and smoothly interact with them;
  • And much more…


  • Can be used with any framework or as standalone;
  • Already comes with implementation with some base systems;
  • Simple to configure, add new interactions and triggers for them;
  • Plenty of code examples to help you add more interactions;

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