Inventory advanced system [ESX,QB]

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Inventory advanced system [ESX,QB]

Inventory advanced system [ESX,QB]


  • Hotbar system
  • We made easily way to use items, with hotbar. When mouse top on any item if press key (1-9) item will be added hotbar. After that in game when press key (1-9) item will be used instantly.
  • Weight sytem
  • No more someone warn you about weight limit, when you try carry your max limit you will be slowed. You will reach the point where you cannot walk in the future and all clothings have diffrent size
  • Incredible optimized drag & drop
  • We made incredible optimized drag & drop, if item cannot be placed grid colors become red. When you take item from inventory synchronized with all players in milisecond without any hitch. (Sync tooks 0.1ms after any item changed in inventory)
  • Case System
  • Players can store items in cases like (Weapon, Wallet and more) and items can be restricted easily!
  • Custom Inventorys,
  • We made custom Inventorys (Stashes, Trunks, Gloveboxes and such more)!

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