Inventory System V9 [QB]

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Inventory System V9 [QB]

Inventory System V9 [QB]


Diverse Array of Designs
Every inventory design carries a distinct set of features. Imagine navigating through a multitude of outfits in one, or pinpointing your location on a map in another!

Clothing System
Use clothing as items and switch between pre-set outfits on the fly.

Item Tooltips
Hover over items to view their details. In other designs, you can even inspect weapon attachments!

Customization at its Best
Empower your players to personalize inventory background, health, armor colors, sounds, and even the overall design itself. Offer an unparalleled experience.

No need for players to individually inspect their inventories anymore! Simultaneously, players can edit their inventories, and changes are visible to everyone.

Crafting within the inventory allows item creation and provides a glimpse into your crafted history.

Weapon Accessories
Immerse in 3D weapon accessory editing and live previews.

Item Appearances
Witness items on players’ backs, carried around, or even items left on the ground – all visualized.

Bestow each item with a unique rarity, rewarding players with exclusive finds.

Leverage inventory metadata to infuse items with distinct attributes. For example, every motel or vehicle key could have a unique identification number.

Inventory Sounds
Elevate the inventory experience through integrated sound effects.

Integrate item decay over time, adding a layer of realism to the inventory.

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