Inventory V11 [ESX]

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Inventory V11 [ESX]

Inventory V11 [ESX]

Inventory V11 ESX FrameWork


  • Dynamic – refreshes for all users in the current inventory.
  • Multiple Inventories – Comes with glovebox and trunk inventories built in, you can also create other/secondary inventories with ease.
  • Item Descriptions – Apply item descriptions, to explain what the item/weapon does.
  • Player Inventories – System in place to look into a other player’s inventory, for example an officer could like into a player’s inventory to search for illegals.
  • Use, Drop & Give – Works natively from the ESX framework.
  • Splitting – You can split your items between inventories.
  • Right Click – Transfers all of the item’s content upon right clicking.
  • Configurable – You can easily toggle inventory features on & off.
  • Sound Effects – On drop and item open, sound effects will be played (these can be toggled off).
  • Money – Manage your money through the inventory.
  • Hotbar – Bind items & weapons to your hotbar for quick use.
  • Notifications – Built in notification system.
  • Shops – Buy & sell items from the shops.
  • Crafting – Craft Items. (NEW)
  • Storages – Create job storages. (NEW)


  • ESX Framework (version 1.2/Legacy)
  • All of the requirements for ESX (mysql-async/oxmysql).

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