Jewelery Shop Robbory [QB]

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Jewelery Shop Robbory [QB]

Jewelery Shop Robbory [QB]


  • (Not really a “new” feature but) Optimised script, running at 0~0.1ms, only hitting 0.1ms when it locks or unlocks a door after a hack.
  • 2 New stores to rob // Grapeseed & Paleto
  • Config option for just the base GTA Vangelico’s Jewellers or all 3.
  • Config option for base qb police alerts or ps-dispatch.
  • Doors now lock depending of the time of day, and store is “unthievable” during opening hours.
  • Police alerts for thermite have a higher chance when closer to business close or open.
  • Police alerts for smashing the cases can be disabled by hacking the main Vangelico’s PC.
  • Cases will actually smash after you hit them, and reset after cooldown.
  • Thermite the stores fusebox to open the front door at night.
  • Hack into Vinewood Vangelico’s PC to unlock all Vangelico’s for 5 minutes (or whatever you set the cooldown to).

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