Loading screen v2 [ESX,QB]

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Loading screen v2 [ESX,QB]

Loading screen v2 [ESX,QB]


  • Templates: It’s like having all the loading screens that you want in one single scripts, the version 1.0 of ks-loadingscreen comes with 3 different templates that you can switch between them from time to time, and we will add new templates in the future based on what designs our customers want.
  • Background Music: You can choose any music for your loading screen.
  • Background Video: You can have you own video in the background and you also disable the video sound and add a custom music.
  • Social Links: You can add your discord, website or any other link to the loading screen.
  • Music Volume: You can change the volume of the background music.
  • Staff team: You can add your staff team to the loading screen with their roles and avatars, and you can also set a custom color for them.
  • Server Information’s: You can add all the info, rules and updates about your server.
  • Config file: you can change anything in the loading screen from the config file.

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