Magic Mushrooms [QB]

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Magic Mushrooms [QB]


Introducing the Ultimate Magic Mushroom Script for QB-Core with a Plethora of Features!

Are you ready to take your role-playing experience to a whole new level? Look no further, as I present a comprehensive script that will immerse your players in the fascinating world of magic mushrooms, offering a range of exciting features to enhance your server’s game play. With this feature-rich Magic Mushroom Script for QB-Core, your server will offer an unparalleled and immersive experience. Explore the enchanting world of fungi, discover the power of magic mushrooms and embark on unpredictable trips with the potential for great rewards or dire consequences.

Mushroom Hunting and Processing:

Forage the Fungi:
In a designated zone, players can embark on a thrilling hunt to discover various mushrooms, which serve as valuable raw materials.

Drying and Alchemy:
Transform your harvested mushrooms into dried mushrooms, and then delve into the world of alchemy to craft potent “magic mushrooms” by adding unique chemicals.

Packaging for Profit:
To create a thriving underground economy, bag up your magic mushrooms using baggies and scales, allowing players to sell them to fellow players.

Overdose Cures:
As the stakes rise, players can concoct overdose cures, reducing overdose levels by a customizable amount while introducing an element of risk by including a chance to trigger a trip instead of a cure.

Lethal Risks:
Seek out the elusive Death Cap mushrooms, but beware, for their consumption carries a chance of serious health consequences, even leading to player demise.

Trippy Adventures:

Embrace the Journey:
Ingesting magic mushrooms brings the possibility of embarking on a mesmerizing trip, with experiences ranging from awe-inspiring to bewildering.

Good and Bad Trips:
Trips aren’t just black and white; good trips can endow players with enhanced armor, health, and stress reduction, while bad trips will subject them to wild screen effects and the potential for a character’s untimely demise.

Hostile Encounters:
Brace yourself, as a surprise visit from an aggressive pedestrian may be the result of a particularly intense trip.

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