Manageable And Highly Detailed Motel [QB]

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Manageable And Highly Detailed Motel [QB]

Manageable And Highly Detailed Motel [QB]

Manageable And Highly Detailed Motel QB FrameWork

**Supported Inventories**

  •   * qb-inventory
  •   * ox_inventory
  •   * qs-inventory
  •   * ps-inventory
  •   * lj-inventory
  •   * ls-inventory
  •   * origen_inventory
  •   * core_inventory
  •   * and Custom Inventory


* English

* Deutsch

* Español

* Português

* Türkçe

* Kurdî (Tê pêşniyar kirin ku hûn li şûna vî zimanî tirkî hilbijêrin.)

* Francês

The Config.Apartment option in the script only works with esx_multicharacter and qb-multicharacter. If you are using a different multicharacter, the documentation includes instructions on what to do. The responsibility in this matter belongs to you.


  • Multiple room types are available.
  • The Server Owner can create a Hotel or Apartment wherever and however he wishes.
  • You can add garages to motels. There is a right to park 1 car per room.
  • Players can rent a room for as long as they want. The rental agreement is terminated when the room rental period is exceeded.
  • Players can extend their current rental period.
  • Players can write a review about the rooms they rent and rate them by giving stars.
  • The Motel or Apartment owner has a boss menu. And it can do anything from this menu. (Not as much as admin)
  • Two types of rooms can be created: with teleport or with MLO.)
  • Players can open motel rooms via lockpick.
  • Players can give each other room keys or take them back.
  • Automatic and manual payment options are available for billing.
  • In Motel, players can increase their stash weight in exchange for money as much as the server owner allows.
  • Metadata System is available. You can assign room keys to a unique item.
  • Players can change the wall colors of their Double Plus type rooms.
  • The owner of the motel or apartment can change the garage colors of the motel.
  • Players can shower in motel rooms.
  • The motel owner may discount room rates.

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