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  • Fully customizable: The script is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your individual needs.
  • Hassle-free configuration: The script includes a ready-made SQL file for easy and error-free installation.
  • Discord integration: Easily link and configure the script with Discord logs using your own webhook.
  • Dynamic visual customization: Customize button colors, text, MDT appearance and language during game play using the settings button.
  • User-friendly interface: The script offers a modern, convenient and intuitive interface design.
  • Fraud protection: The script includes protections against scammers who try to access your webhook.
  • Automatically supported languages: Polish, English, American, German, French, Spanish. But if you want you can add your own language to the MDT settings.
  • Money protection: Prevent unauthorized addition and duplication of money with built-in security measures.
  • Character death detection: Detects character death, ensuring that the MDT interface is closed or removed if you lose consciousness.
  • Secure logical security: The script includes logical checks that prevent you from sending money to yourself.
  • High security and optimization: The script provides a high level of security and optimization across all frameworks to ensure smooth operation without affecting FPS or causing lag. (0.0ms)
  • Extensive customization options: The script provides multiple files that can be modified, allowing server owners to customize the banking system to meet the requirements of their server.
  • Note/announcement system: Freely manage service notes, read, add and delete announcements.
  • Useful tabs: Everything you need can be found in the homepage left-side section, you don’t need to worry about not knowing police codes or other things.
  • Database: In MDT you have access to a database where you can search for citizens, vehicles and apartments, getting the most important information and notes.
  • Fines: Our solution system allows you to issue fines easily, you can freely configure the police tariff, and add your own sentence if necessary!
  • Evidence/Warrants: Add as needed with great personalization, you can add a description, people involved in the crime, police officers, attachments in the form of photos and more.
  • Search: In MDT you can search for vehicles and citizens according to the nearest option, you don’t need to manually enter the player’s data, just select the “Nearest” option and get a profile in the tablet.
  • Support: Our script automatically supports and is compatible with many other scripts like (esx_property, qb-apartments, esx_society, qb-management etc.).

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