Miner Job V2 [ESX]

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Miner Job V2 [ESX]

Miner Job V2 [ESX]


  • This job offers 3 processes in total; the mining part, the washing part and the smelting part.
  • It doesn’t require a player to have a job – its more of an activity they can do, either as a group or alone.
  • Mine stone from the quarry (or change location) with a pickaxe.
  • Wash the stone using a wash pan and get washed stone.
  • Then smelt the washed stone to gain new resources, some can be more rare than others.
  • Players can use these items to trade with other players, sell at a pawnshop or use it for crafting (none of these ideas are included in the script – just pure roleplay ideas)


  • ESX Legacy
  • ProgressBars [optional]

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