Minigames + more [ESX,QB]

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Minigames + more [ESX,QB]

Minigames + more [ESX,QB]

Minigames + more ESX/QB FrameWork

This is a standalone library used for scaleforms and syncronized scenes which is ever growing. So far we have the hacking scaleform, 3 different drilling minigames, money grabbing synced scene, hacking synced scene, drilling synced scene, also there is saving and loading to local files rather than a database which some may find easier for non vital data storage. Lastly there is an offset function to find the difference in a table of offsets. May be useful when building things like house robberies. This is a free release on github feel free to add to it however u please, id love to make this a huge free minigame and menu package for the community.

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