New Evidence System [QB]


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Revolutionize evidence handling and streamline investigations with the Evidence Drawer script!

New Evidence System

New Evidence System QBCOre

A simple script which allows players with the police job to open a static evidence locker via a command.

Edit jobs in cl_lockers.lua at line 8 to match your police jobs / other jobs in general


Introducing the Evidence Drawer: A Revolutionary Tool for Law Enforcement in QBCore

Elevate your roleplay experience with the innovative Evidence Drawer script, designed exclusively for the QBCore framework. This meticulously crafted tool empowers law enforcement officers to seamlessly manage evidence, ensuring meticulous organization and streamlined investigations.

Revolutionize Evidence Handling

With the Evidence Drawer, officers can effortlessly store, retrieve, and track evidence items, streamlining the investigative process and ensuring the integrity of crucial case details.

Streamlined Evidence Management

Effortlessly store and retrieve evidence items with intuitive commands, eliminating the hassle of physical storage and retrieval.

Enhanced Investigative Efficiency

Maintain meticulous records of evidence items, ensuring organized investigations and streamlined case progression.

Unparalleled Realism

Immerse yourself in realistic evidence handling procedures, mirroring real-world law enforcement practices.

Seamless Integration with QBCore

The Evidence Drawer script seamlessly integrates with the QBCore framework, ensuring a smooth and optimized experience for your server.

Elevate your Roleplay Experience

Transform your roleplay experience with the Evidence Drawer, adding a new dimension of realism and professionalism to law enforcement operations.

Empower your Police Force

Provide your law enforcement officers with the tools they need to conduct thorough investigations and maintain the highest standards of evidence handling.

Upgrade your QBCore Server

Enhance your QBCore server with the Evidence Drawer, adding a layer of sophistication and realism to your roleplay environment.

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