Ownable Gas Stations Simulator [QB]

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Ownable Gas Stations Simulator [QB]

Ownable Gas Stations Simulator [QB]


All gas stations can be owned by players – Each gas station can be purchased by the player, as long as it is not purchased, the gas station belongs to the server, so fuel prices are set through the config file.
Realistic fueling – The system uses a fuel hose and nozzle, and the fuel amount is controled by the player himself by holding the button
Fuel prices – Each gas station owner can individually determine the wages of employees and the percentage of profit, the final price of fuel is made up of these amounts.

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Hire and fire other players – Each gas station owner can recruit other players to deliver fuel to the gas station, workers’ wages are paid from the gas station’s capital.
Fuel capacity – Each dependent gas station has an individual amount of fuel that depends on fuel deliveries. Players will be able to fill up as much fuel as there is in the gas station.
Fuel delivery – The gas station owner or employee delivers fuel to the gas station, thereby receiving a salary and replenishing the gas station’s fuel reserves

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How money is made? – After each filling up at a gas station, the money paid goes directly to the capital of the gas station, which is managed by the owner of the gas station
Easily configurable – All system translations, buttons, locations and so on are easily changed via a configuration file.

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