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pet script fivem  Lab-Pet Version 2 revolutionizes pet ownership with its customizable clothing options and interactive features. Dress your puppies in style and manage them effortlessly through a user-friendly platform. Train your intelligent companions to follow commands, go on car rides, and even engage in fun activities like playing fetch. As you level up, unlock new features and deepen your bond with your furry friends. Stay tuned for regular updates and additions to this innovative pet care experience!

Lab-Pet Version 2 redefines pet ownership by offering a comprehensive platform where you can personalize your puppies with a vast array of clothing options. This interactive service goes beyond mere dressing-up; it provides tools to manage and engage with your furry companions seamlessly. From basic commands like sit and stay to more advanced activities such as car rides and playing fetch, every aspect of pet care is at your fingertips. With each level-up, unlock new features to further enhance your experience. Stay ahead of the pack with Lab-Pet Version 2’s regular updates, ensuring a fresh and exciting journey for both you and your four-legged friends

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  • guide_dog
  • red_car
  • dart

Lab-Pet Version 2 is available as follows and will be constantly updated. New outfits and puppies will continue to be added. Don’t forget to follow this project!

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