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Pet Version 2 offers an excellent service where you can dress your puppies individually. Over time, we will add many different clothing options here and you will be able to dress your puppies in much more detail. You can also make a good income from pet trading by offering the pets you buy and develop here for sale later. :moneybag:

:bar_chart: It offers a platform that you can use to control, sell or walk your pets. Here is your little and stylish dog! :dog: Through the menu you can communicate with your dog in many different ways. You can tell it to follow, sit, get up, sleep, return to its nest or do whatever you want. :speaking_head:

:brain: Your dog looks pretty smart, and don’t forget that new features will be unlocked as you level up. :closed_lock_with_key:

:guide_dog: One of the fun activities you can do with bigger dogs is this: If you develop and level up your dog a lot, you can get it to attack others. :bone: Big dogs will obey you in the same way, you just have to train them well and take good care of them. As you can see, they are quite intelligent dogs. :dog2:

:red_car: It can be quite fun to have your dog with you on your car journeys. You can take your dog in and out of the car whenever you want. Everything is under your control! :oncoming_automobile:

:dart: There are advanced features that will allow you to communicate more with your dogs. You can give your dog food, water or health medicines. :pill: You can also put a leash on it and take it for a walk. (A new leash plugin will provide a more realistic experience in an upcoming update). :dog2::man_walking: A ball and your pet are enough to have fun at work. Throw the ball and wait for your dog to play with it. :tennis:

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