Phone System [QB]

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Phone System [QB]

Phone System [QB]

Introducing the Phone script for the QB-Core framework, designed to mimic the sleek and stunning design of the iPhone 14. With its beautiful user interface, thePhone script offers a range of convenient features for players in your game.

One standout feature is the fingerprint lockscreen, providing added security to protect sensitive information. The script also includes popular payment apps such as PayPal and Paytm, allowing players to make quick payments using their in-game ID.

Stay connected with your friends and community through apps like Twitter, WhatsApp, and phone call. The Google Maps location app helps players navigate the game world with ease, while the garage app lets them manage their vehicles.

Players can also access a range of services apps, including a mail app, and many more. With the EF-Phone script, you can offer a seamless and immersive experience for players in your game.

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