Phone System V8 [ESX]

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Phone System V8 [ESX]

Phone System V8 [ESX]

Phone System V8 ESX FrameWork


  • Clean design
  • Own Notificaion ( Also the option to use your own notification )
  • Easy configuration ( Nearly everything is easily customizable in the Config )
  • Perfomance
  • Locales
  • TriggerEvents in the Readme, so you can create own apps, etc.
  • Source Code of HTML, CSS and JS > You can customize the phone as you want
  • Works with every Voice Chat ( you have just to enable it int the config )
  • You’ll get always the future updates on my discord, because there will come a lot more
  • Support for any Problem with my Products

All Apps:

  • App store
  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Phone
  • Radio
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Business ( An control center for your jobs where they can see all dispatches, online members, … )
  • Advertisement ( Where players can share small ads for their business )
  • Calculator
  • Gallery
  • DJump ( Its a mini game like doodle Jump )
  • D Snake
  • Mail
  • Bitcoin App

New with 0.9
Dispatch Rework:

  • We’ve separated normal messages and service messages, enhancing clarity in your communications.
  • Choose to initiate a dispatch anonymously or using your name, adding a layer of choice to your interactions.
  • The Business app’s Dispatch section now offers a fresh overview with three categories: “Accepted by Me,” “Unaccepted,” and “Accepted by Others,” simplifying the management of RP strings.
  • Your dispatches will now be retained even after server restarts, giving you the freedom to preserve your roleplay interactions beyond restarts.

UI Notify:

  • Messages are now displayed with greater clarity and offer a direct app link for quicker access.
  • Take control of your notifications – mute them to appear solely on the new Homescreen, streamlining your interactions.

Twitter Verification Badge:

  • Admins can now grant users a verification badge using the /verify tagname command, enhancing roleplaying credibility.

New Homescreen:

  • An intuitive Homescreen is introduced, designed for efficient notification management.
  • When you start your phone, you’ll be directed to the Homescreen, which requires unlocking for a more immersive and realistic experience.

Config Rework:

  • Your configuration options have been restructured into multiple files, making upgrades to upcoming versions smoother and offering a more organized settings overview.

GPS App:

  • You can now save positions and assign them names.
  • Later, set waypoints to these saved positions for convenient navigation.

Business App Icons:

  • Customize your job-specific business app’s icon to your preference.

Folder Rework:

  • Set your Framework in the Config.lua for a personalized setup.
  • All lua files are now located in the lua folder, excluding configs and locales.

Message UI Rework:

  • Enjoy a sleek and contemporary iOS Messenger-like design for a modern messaging experience.
  • The issue related to sending money has been resolved.

Adjustable Phone Scale:

  • Tailor your phone’s size according to your preference, ranging from 50% to 200%, for the perfect fit.

Customizable Icons:

  • Welcome the IconConfig feature, which enables personalization of your icons.
  • Choose between classic Font Awesome icons or your own PNG/JPG images, giving your phone a unique appearance like never before.

Instagram Integration:

  • Immerse yourself in a virtual Instagram world within the game!
  • Experience real-like interactions, from browsing posts, liking, commenting, to exploring profiles.
  • Get the full social media experience you know, with stories to be added in a future update.

Disable Webimages:

  • Introducing an option to turn off web images to prevent potential misuse.
  • Customize your browsing experience to see only what you want, reducing distractions.

Share Images from Your Gallery:

  • Easily share cherished memories by selecting images from your gallery to send in chats.
  • Share funny snapshots, breathtaking views, or memorable roleplaying moments with friends and fellow

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