police garage

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Introducing a robust police garage script designed to elevate your role-playing experience to new heights. With dedicated spaces for boats, helicopters, and cars, this script ensures that law enforcement agencies are fully equipped for any situation

Enhance the visual appeal of your vehicles with a secondary marker feature, allowing customization of primary and secondary colors to suit your department’s branding or personal preferences. Plus, with the flexibility to add or remove markers as needed, you have complete control over the appearance of your police fleet.

From patrolling the streets to conducting maritime or aerial operations, this script provides the tools you need to excel in your law enforcement duties. With a focus on realism and immersion, it’s the perfect addition to any police-themed gaming or simulation environment. Elevate your role-playing experience with the ultimate police garage script.


  • police garages 
  • cover boats 
  • cars 
  • helicopter 
  • additional markers 
  • police vehicles 
  • extra menus 
  • and many more

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