Police MDT V3 [ESX,QB]

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Police MDT V3 [ESX,QB]

Police MDT V3 [ESX,QB]

Police MDT V3 ESX/QB FrameWork


  • General
    • Tablet item with ox_inventory.
    • Create dispatch calls from export in other scripts
    • Officer Live chat
    • Minimize page leaves MDT on same page when reopen
    • Close page resets MDT UI.
    • Mugshots and officer images use my ID Card  resource.
  • Dashboard
    • Officer status
    • Dispatch calls
    • Auto status change when responding to calls
    • Auto status change when arriving on scene
    • Attaching and detaching from calls
    • Waypoints to calls
    • Panic button with tts
  • Name searching
    • View person info
    • View person weapons
    • View person vehicles
    • Create person bolo
    • Create person record (charges & fines)
    • Add notes to person
    • Manage person licenses (driver, weapon, etc)
    • View player properties (ND_Properties needs update soon)
  • Plate searching
    • View vehicle info with plate
    • Search owner of vehicle
    • Mark vehicle as stolen
    • Stolen plates integrated with Wraith ARS 2X 23 plate reader.
  • Weapon searching
    • Auto registers legal weapons bought from ox_inventory shops
    • Search by serial number
    • Search weapon owner
    • Mark weapon as stolen
  • Reports
    • Crime, Traffic, Arrest, Incident, Use of Force reports.
    • Each report has a unique case id, this is so evidence can be placed in ox_inventory evidence lockers.
  • Employee management
    • Restricted to boss ranks only
    • Manage employees ranks
    • Manage employees callsigns
    • Fire & hire new employees
  • Blips
    • Turned on when setting In Service status as driver
    • Car will be marked on map for all other cops
    • Car will show callsign and status

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