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qb-bank robbery If you’re referring to a role-playing scenario within a legitimate and lawful FiveM server using the ESX framework, it’s important to approach such events with consideration for the rules and guidelines of the server. Below is a general description for a fictional bank robbery scenario

-1.Import SQL file.
-2.Place pacific_bank_robbery folder into resources folder
-3.Add start pacific_bank_robbery in server.cfg
-4.Add this doors into your door locking scripts

Event: Bank Robbery

Location: City Bank, [Insert City Name]

Objective: Criminals attempt to rob the bank, while law enforcement tries to prevent the robbery and apprehend the suspects.

Instructions for Criminals:

  1. Planning: Criminals must plan the bank heist, considering factors such as timing, number of participants, and escape routes.
  2. Role Assignment: Each criminal can have a specific role (e.g., hacker, lookout, driver, etc.) to ensure a smooth operation.
  3. Entering the Bank: Criminals must enter the bank discreetly, avoiding detection, and proceed to the designated area.
  4. Hostages: Optional – Criminals may choose to take hostages to negotiate with law enforcement.
  5. Cracking the Vault: Use hacking tools or other means to crack the bank vault and obtain the loot.
  6. Escape: Quickly escape the bank and navigate through the city to reach the designated escape point without getting caught.

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